Length Overall 1070 mm

Depth of Seat 440 mm

Height of Seat 510 mm

Height of Armrest 240 mm

Height of Backrest 430 mm

Width Folded 300 mm

Weight Overall 16.9 kg

Load Capacity (supplier stated) 136 kg

Width Overall 630 mm

Width of Seat 460 mm

Diameter of Rear Wheel 12.0 and 24.0 inch (300mm or 600mm)

Length of Legrest 300 mm - 400 mm (Leg length from seat to footrest)

Angle of Legrest Hanger 70 degrees

Height Overall 900 mm - 980 mm (Depending on height of push handles)

Diameter of Castor 7 inch (180mm)

Excel G4 Wheelchair (51cm)