Product Code - S941A



  • Sporty stramline design

  • Fully adjustable suspension

  • Modern LED lighting system that delivers a brilliant with less power consumption

  • Digital LCD dashboard display: time display, battery gauge, temperature, maintenance messages, speed display and odometer

  • extra storage space beneath tiler

  • Built-in half speed switch which operates automatically when turning to provide extra safety

  • 12 volt socket


Dimensions/Technical Specs​

  • Width- 69cm Length-130cm Height-125cm
  • Battery weight 17kg each/Scooter weight w/battery 118kg
  • User weight capacity 159kg
  • Speed -10-12kph/Range-40km
  • Turn radius-167cm Ground Clearance 9cm
  • Motor-DC24V,1750W, 4 Pole Controller - Dynamic Rhino2-120A
  • Battery - 12V/40-50AHx2 Charger - 5A off-board
  • Gradient 10 degrees Front & Rear Wheel 12"