Product Code: S940A



  • The Interceptor has a Sporty streamline design

  • Fully adjustable suspension system that delivers a smooth and comfortable ride

  • Modern LED lighting system delivers brilliant light with less power consumption

  • Digital LCD dashboard display: time display, battery gauge, temperature, maintenance messages, speed display and odometer.

  • 4PT (4 pole technology) and large controller delivering much more power for climbing steep driveways and hills.​


Dimensions​/Technical Specs

  • Max Speed - 10-15 kph Range 40-60km
  • Turn Radius - 180cm Ground Clearance 180cm
  • Motor DC 24V, 650W (RATING)/2200W (MAX)
  • Battery 12V/60-100A/H x2pc Charger - 8A off-board
  • Battery Weight 25kg each/Scooter Weight w/battery 148kg
  • Front Wheel - 14" (3.50x8) pneumatic Rear Wheel - 16' (4.00-10) pneumatic
  • Width - 72cm Length - 154cm Height 145.5cm
  • Weigh Capacity 204kg


Interceptor S2

15 Trade Street Ormiston QLD Australia 4160

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