Product Code - WA020AU



  • Full length handlebar is made from soft foamed rubber to provide a comfortable grip

  • Full length brake handle is suitable for one hand operation (e.g. by persons suffering from Hemiplegia)

  • Very narrow with a width of only 57cm (22”) ideally suited for use in tight spaces

  • Foldable for easy storage and transportation and locks when folded up for easy handling

  • Extremely lightweight aluminium frame weighs only 5.6kg (with basket and tray)

  • Includes a practical tray with a built in cup holder to avoid spillages, and raised edges to prevent dropping items

  • Includes a textile basket to keep essentials handy


Technical Specs

  • Width - 57cm
  • Height - 81-94cm
  • Weight - 5.6kg
  • S.W.L - 100kg

Roomba Indoor Rollator


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